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So what’s this about?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I promise not to wax on and on about my personal life, no one needs that. However, I think I have developed a knack for cooking good food that is good for you and being inventive with what’s available locally and seasonally. I am certain that fresh food tastes better and cooking for people is a great way to show you care. I love to peruse cookbooks and glean ideas to keep in my back pocket. I’ll mostly share recipes here but when I come across good life hacks I’ll share those too. When I’m not in the kitchen or taking care of my children (though those are often synonymous) I’m doing chores around the farm, taking in the beauty of the Blue Ridge, or enjoying the company of friends and family. I like to think I’m practical and a good problem solver, when opportunities present themselves I’ll share the useful things I learned. In any case, I’m tired of saying “I could do that” and am going to just do it. What would you like see?

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