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Creamy Cotija Poblano and Mushroom Tacos

Y’all know how much my family loves tacos but sometimes I just want something different and we are in the middle of spring and mushrooms are everywhere. These tacos are sure to please any vegetarian or meat eater in your life, they are really satisfying and filling and we were stuffed after just two a piece. They come together in about 15-20 minutes.

What you need:

2 poblano peppers

2 cups mixed mushrooms (any you like, button, shiitake, portobello, trumpet, etc)

2 green onions

1-2 ears of fresh corn, sliced off the cob

1 tsp each smoked paprika, dried oregano, cumin

salt and pepper

1/2 cup sour cream

1/3 cup grated Cotija cheese

*tortillas, guacamole, hot sauce for serving

*lately I‘ve been making my guacamole with just 1 large avocado, squeeze of half a lemon, salt and pepper, 1 tsp cilantro, and 1 chopped small shallot. This paired perfectly with these tacos.

The poblanos take the longest amount of time to cook so drizzle a bit of oil in a saute pan and add your poblanos to cook for a few minutes on medium heat. When they have started to soften add your onion, corn, and mushrooms and a pinch of salt and pepper and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add your spices, and a dash more salt and pepper. When all the vegetables have cooked through turn off the heat and stir in your sour cream and most of the cotija cheese. Mix thoroughly and serve with warm tortillas and the remaining cheese on top.

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